Cornbread Sausage Stuffing

TALL Blonde usually make breadcrumb stuffing from scratch but this is as good and tastes great.

1 box 'Stove Top' Turkey-flavored stuffing (not the Cornbread one)
2 - 3 cups cornbread. Ready made or make your own
1 lb bulk ground NY Style sausage (seasoned with fennel)
sage, thyme, oregano, salt.

Ahead of time cube the cornbread into half-inch cubes, spread out on a cookie sheet and dry out slightly (crispy edges) in slow oven so they retain their shape when mixed together.

Cook and drain sausage.

Prepare Stove Top brand stuffing in the usual manner.

You will need to add more herbs and spices consistent with the flavor of the Stove Top since your cornbread and sausage does not come seasoned...sage, thyme, oregano, salt, etc.

Combine all ingredients together, lay out in a greased baking dish (9x13-ish) and bake to brown the top so you have crispy edges.

Make a double batch, and here is why:

If you ever have leftover stuffing get an ice cream scoop (small one) scoop mounds onto a greased cookie sheet and bake to dry slight and brown edges. Use these as dumplings in soup. Put the dumplings in the soup bowl and pour soup over.