Finally Great Fruit Cake


Still holding on to that fruitcake your neighbor gave you over the holiday season? Maybe they are re-gifting a fruitcake from their neighbor; and so on and so on.
This recipe may have you rethink next years' fruitcake.  TALLblonde uses hers to make a fabulous bread pudding and it only takes a few basic pantry items.

Brie en Croute


A little frozen puff pastry, a little sweet, a little imagination helped to make my NYE appetizer table very tasty.  Many recipes make one large wheel for parties to share with all your guests.  Mine are individual servings and you don't have a messy unappetizing platter on your party table that looks like zoo animals trampled through it. These cheesy puffs are crispy, creamy and sweet. 

Pork - Sweet Sour Sauce


Classic Sweet and Sour Pork recipe will bring you back in time.  This is the flavor you remember and crave. This recipe has simplified steps from other recipes TALLBlonde has researched and tested.  The deep frying method of cooking the pork morsels coated in corn starch has been changed to dry frying in a skillet making this recipe a bit more heart smart. This recipe also uses well trimmed pork tenderloin instead of a traditional fattier cut of pork shoulder.  Dice all ingredients to same size pieces to your liking, anywhere between 1/2-inch to 1'inch in size.

Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauce


Perhaps the best dark chocolate sauce on the planet.  This recipe comes from America's Test Kitchen and I cannot find any room for improvement.  It is perfection in a bowl and simple to make.

Vietnamese Shaking Beef


I have a personal story related to this dish through being brought up by my very old fashioned Western European parents. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area surrounded by a bounty of great food both through local grocery store offerings and restaurants of food from around the world. San Francisco is home to a popular Vietnamese restaurant known for their Shaking Beef dish, correctly known as Bo Luc Lac. This is a deep, dark, rich beef perfumed dish. 

A few years ago we finally made the trek to try this dish. It arrived to our table in a steaming loud sizzling presentation dish.  To make shock, this dish was chunks of seared beef served on a bed of fresh watercress salad. Wha? Huh?  I have been eating  beef steak with watercress since I was old enough to eat adult food.  This is a French inspired dish obviously developed during the French occupation of Vietnam.  So when I hear someone refer to Vietnamese Shaking Beef, I quietly smile inside.

TALL Blonde's recipe below uses fresh arugula salad for ease of supply and makes a great compliment to the seared beef.

Orange - Olive Oil Cake


In my past culinary experiments, in an effort to add healthy ingredients to my family meals I attempted substituting olive oil for vegetable oil in my loaf cakes such as banana bread.
Cut - Void - Blue Pencil - Delete - Scratch That - Unsuccessful
I had no clue that perhaps olive oil may be heavier than vegetable oil. It pretty much sank to the bottom of the baking pan and stayed there.  The loaf was fully baked and not undercooked but it was not appetizing.

I have played around researching other recipes and came up with this set of ingredients to create a moist and creamy everyday cake, and yes it includes olive oil. This is perfectly eaten on its own as a light morning breakfast pastry, embellished with a slathering of orange icing, a scoop of vanilla ice cream or with a healthy blanket of sugar macerated fresh ripe strawberries poured over a generous slice. The combination of fresh orange slices and olive oil is a classic dessert in Mediterranean cuisine. My husband born in England carries with him his definitively British appetite for warm "Bird's" <click link> custard poured over cubes of a simple vanilla cake. This sweet treat will replace even your favorite pound cake.

Nashville Hot Cauliflower


A Nashville Hot is an old Southern staple taking a head of cauliflower and indirectly grilling in a smoky BBQ covered pit.  The overall process is to marinate a whole head of cauliflower in a spicy buttermilk dressing and baste regularly with a sweet spicy sauce of brown sugar, garlic, cayenne and melted butter. This recipe was inspired by Steven Reichlin.

As I do not have access to an outdoor BBQ, this is TALL blonde's oven roasted version and it is mighty tasty.

Party Eggplant Parmesan


I named this dish 'Party' Eggplant Parmesan for its elegant personal portion rather than cutting a messy square from a large flat casserole.  This is also a perfect make-ahead dish to pop in the oven for busy home life or dinner party.

The recipe is simple, admittedly we all know the components of a basic eggplant parmesan but this also removes the pre-salting method that so many recipes use to remove water from the eggplant.  Instead these are fried in olive oil after being dipped in an egg wash bath.  Olive oil is a healthy fat and eggs add protein to the dish.

Yummy Bear Claws


Almond Bear Claw pastries
Simple to make
Easier than you think
As yummy as your neighborhood bakery

For ease, this recipe is tailored to use Pepperidge Farms Puff Pastry Sheets to minimize extra work and portion control.  Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

TLLBLND Avocado Hummus

Avocado Sauce is prominent in Central Mexico but not limited to this region.  This is not Guacamole for chip dipping or sandwich spread as a replacement to mayonnaise. This glorious sauce is a thick but pourable consistency and used liberally on grilled fish or grilled sliced meats. I had a version of this at a Mexican hotel located in a little fishing village Los Barriles in Baja Sur.  It forever changed by culinary grilling-life. 

The common avocado sauce recipe uses crème fraiche, sour cream or yogurt as a base with fresh avocado.  TALL Blonde has revamped this recipe to not only eliminate dairy but add nutritional value and protein with white beans. You won't miss that creamy texture either.

ADOBO - Quick & Dirty


I have been cooking for so long and mastered nearly all the basics that I find myself branching out to dishes and cuisines that are outside of my comfort or familiarity zone. I have simplified a classic adobo recipe compared to the traditional but still offers complex flavors. To add to this recipes' simplicity I used regular cubed stew beef instead of a more classic flank steak.
Note: there is spicy heat.

Adobo weather it is Mexican or Filipino is generally served as a sauce with chicken or pork. For all you red blooded eaters out there this recipe features beef. This recipe leans towards Mexican cuisine and while a great adobo takes hours of preparation and dozens of warm toasty ingredients you can make a great tasting  adobo with fewer ingredients and prep. steps.  I also prefer to use my crockpot for my long slow braise dishes rather than the oven. The oven simply over heats one's small apartment and clean up is so much easier.

Spanish Rice, Stupid Easy


This is "stupid simple" Spanish rice that has the same ingredients you would be slaving over chopping onions, tomatoes, green chilies, etc.

1 16 oz jar salsa - 'Herdez' Salsa Casera is used here
1/2 cup water
1 cup Arborio rice
1 Tbl. olive oil

Best Pork Chile Verde


I found this pork chile verde when I was a kid and loved it.  Mexican food for me at that time, still living in my parental home was a unknown cuisine. Over the years I tailored it to my adult lifestyle in ease of preparation and taste buds. This recipe is perfect for a crock pot or mindless roasting in the oven.

Momma's Pecan Rum Gateau


This is an adult affaire...
This is a richy-rich cake...
This is a super moist cake... why I could not understand why it tasted so good made by my restauranteur mother. She was in the biz most of her adult life although her food at home and at the restaurant was always outstanding, without complaint, sweets were never her strong apron, never, nada, zip.  I begged for the recipe and voila, of course, it uses a box cake mix. It all makes sense now.

So here it is, a rich cake elegant enough to take to parties and simple enough for anyone to bake. Good enough to enter in a bake-off contest and win!

Poulet Roti a la Francais

The very BEST roast chicken is the simplest roast chicken. Few ingredients, no cooking skills required and while roasting you will simultaneously make the most incredible sauce. In France a roasted chicken is commonly served with French fries. Below are both recipes for a roasted chicken and how to season French fries in the French manner.

Honey Pecan Shrimp : Just Like Fast-Food


There are those times when I am really craving fast-food, even if I have to make it at home. Here is TALL blonde's version of Honey Walnut Shrimp, but using pecan nuts instead of walnuts simply because pecans were available in my pantry and I am not a big fan of bitter walnuts. Feel free to substitute it back if you are a recipe purist.

Numero Uno Spiral Ham


                                           Before Roasting      -        After Roasting

Dammit, I forgot to take a glamor-shot of the whole roasted ham as it exited the oven.  It was  lightly charred, juicy, sweet, fragrant, holiday spicy, smoky and tender. Take a spiral sliced ham, or with a steady hand and a very sharp knife do it yourself, then make a flavorful and aromatic paste. Perfect for next morning breakfast, added to soup or if you lack culinary imagination...a really tasty sammy and that it okay too!

Tacos con Verduras Asadas

To dine out, or not to dine out, that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of Covid-19 and indoor dining, or to take arms against a sea of the unvaccinated and host a meal for your favorite friends at home.

It is always my preference to host friends in my home and share a home cooked meal with pleasant drink drenched in raucous laughter. Sometimes the happy compromise is to meet friends at a local eatery that has a menu that can accommodate all palates.

Under the new normal, I will hesitate to meet a friend and sit indoors surrounded by who knows who, and who knows what and if they share with me their viral cooties.  I decided it is for me to up my culinary game and invest time and research towards a very respectable vegetarian meal.  

Recently I prepared a three-course lunch plus dessert for a dyed in the wool vegetarian friend that included Vietnamese Spring Rolls and Peanut Sauce (sans shrimp), Spinach and Cheese Quiche and these roasted veggie tacos with a bounty of complex but complimentary flavors. Recipe in three parts most of which may be prepared the day before, warmed through and quickly assembled.

Seafood Cocktail Sauce

I have the honor and humility to share with you that after trying this cocktail sauce friends have told me this is the best they have ever eaten. Traditionally served with cooked shrimp or crab. May also be added to a classic Thousand Island dressing to give it an extra zing.

The long list of ingredients may look daunting but the bold savory flavor of this cocktail sauce you can never go back to the others, they will taste like ketchup by comparison  We are a small family so this recipe is perfect for the two of us. I would highly recommend doubling it as it will also make the shopping more worth while for a big batch. After all, this lasts in my fridge for up to one month.

All of the ingredients should be very finely diced, No one likes a lumpy cocktail sauce so using a blender is perfectly fine for ease and time saving with one exception; *do not add the parsley to the blender as it will give an off color.

Mixed Berry Scones


Recipe courtesy Cook's Country

I am married to a Brit and as a Brit he sometimes has terrible judgement in food.  He loves scones and I think they are dry and gaggy like a bad bagel or old pita bread. Until now....

Here is a wonderful recipe for mixed berry scones that is easy and tasty and I can't wait to jump out of bed in the morning just to have one (or two).  This recipe uses frozen berries so they are easy to find year 'round no matter the time of year or region in which you live. makes 8.   NOTE: The fruit must be kept frozen during the making of the dough.

Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs


I wish you could be here to smell the aroma of the smoked salmon and taste the creamy, delicate, buttery egg curds. A simple recipe, can be made in 10 minutes. perfect for morning breakfast when serving overnight guests or a great brunch with a pink champagne. Click open to view time lapse easy to follow video.

Vegan Choco Cake


There is some debate if this chocolate cake recipe is truly vegan due to the use of refined sugar.  The process of making white sugar involves the sifting through bone dust. The only sugar that does not undergo this process is powdered sugar but that has corn starch added and not proper for baking a cake. You may chose to substitute using brown rice syrup, date syrup, maple syrup, molasses or agave,  This cake recipe is intended for those folks that are vegan in order to reduce cholesterol intake. Remember most honey is not considered vegan.

Decadent Beef Wellington - Bouef en Croute

MMMMmmmmmmm, Beef Wellington; aka 'Bouef en Croute'. A wonderful combination of buttery crust blanket wrapped around a beautiful medium rare Filet Mignon roast lovingly bathed in a cognac fois gras and shallot vest. Although some folks believe this is a classic French dish because of its undyeable richness of flavor and depth of aromatic sauce it's origin is actually from New Zealand.  Evidence of a British Kingdom producing elegant food. HA!

This recipe is not for the faint of heart, it takes some planning, there are four major steps in its creation and it is expensive due to the cut of meat, but oh so worth it.  10 years ago I made this dish in a 5-course dinner for 10 friends and it was quite an effort but they still talk about it to this day. Perfect for a holiday dinner or very special occasion, perhaps replacing your November turkey or December ham.

I have made this recipe using home-made Puff Pastry and it tasted fabulous (as pictured), but this recipe is tricky enough where I opt in for the ready made stuff and minimize the extra steps.

Sweet Potato Garbanzo Curry - VEGAN


To be frank, I am on the hunt for vegan recipes to entertain our vegan friends. It's a culinary exercise for me to sharpen my skills and broaden my repertoire.

Okay now enough of the mumbo-jumbo, vegan cooking is not what it was 30 years ago. No longer do you have thoughts of corrugated wood pulp shipping boxes. Vegan dishes are packed with flavor, fresh ingredients and a smaller impact on the environment over an omnivore diet (but I still like meat).  This recipe is also easy to shop for ingredients and in 35 minutes you have a fragrant tasty meal and your kitchen will smell like heaven.

Pan Bagnat Provencal


Pan Bagnat is a colorful Provencal layered sandwich of good quality canned tuna, an aromatic olive salad in vinaigrette and hard boiled eggs. If the aroma is familiar to you this is roughly the sandwich version of Salade Nicoise.  Pan Bagnat translates to bathed bread to give you some idea how the vinaigrette influences the dish, but this is by no means a sloppy sammy. It is a healthier alternative to a traditional tuna sandwich with mayonnaise and pleasing to an adult palate. This admittedly is TALLBlonde's favorite food group: the sandwich.

Best made in advance if you can curb your appetite so that the flavors meld and flow into a tangy sourdough baguette. Tuna used must be a good quality albacore packed in olive oil as albacore tends to have a dry quality so olive oil is preferable to water-packed. Whenever cooking with olive oil, always purchase California olive which is certified 100% olive oil and not cut with other oils. EVOO from other countries are not always pure olive oil.

Pot Roast - Nightshade Free


I love a great stew, can be made ahead, can be slow cooked in the oven or crockpot. I have never used an InstaPot but I assume it can handle the challenge.  Nightshade-free cooking is my latest area of culinary experimentation and a move towards good health.  Click nightshade free recipes in the Category link of this blog if you are curious.  Like all stews you are likely using an inexpensive cut of meat, slow cooking and always a treat served with a crusty toasted sourdough baguette for that savory umami sauce or served sliced and poured over cooked and hot wide egg noodles, especially on a cold in San Francisco in July (ha ha).

Brazilian Moqueca

Moqueca is a flavorful and creamy fish stew from Brazil. Tomato and bell pepper based sauce with a twist. This includes coconut milk and heavily flavored with cilantro. I say this up front for those of you that do not care for it.  You can use any combination of shellfish and firm white fish.  I prefer to use equal amounts of cod and large shrimp. 

The tomato coconut sauce is brought to a rolling boil then turned off, add the fish and allow it to slowly cook in the residual heat in a lidded pot so the fish cooks evenly and not rubbery. You will also need the use of a strong food blender.

Party Skewer Salads


I am going to admit it right here, right now, I stole this from AllRecipes. But hey, when there is a great idea it should be shared.  These salads are clever, attractive on any table, easy to eat and if you are throwing a party you can serve several different salad variations with ease. If your party guests are standing while attempting to eat, than these salad recipes eliminate the balancing act of placing one hand on the paper plate, one hand on the fork and balancing a glass of wine on their head. Served on long sandwich length toothpicks with a colored frill or 5-inch bamboo skewers.

So fasten your seatbelt, there are 11 recipes to race through and I am sure you will find two or three you will try at your next party-

Jalapeno Powder


Jalapeno Powder. I struggled on how to make this post interesting, what image to use, what description to offer but very simply put I now tell all my friends, "Don't buy grocery store spices anymore".  The best part of this statement is that you can create your own flavor bombs with ingredients you cannot find in a prepackaged spice jar, and the flavors are more intense and fresh tasting. I don't recommend parsley, it must always be used fresh.
<View video below>

While most of us were stuck at home last year I found new ways to amuse myself  and spend my free time that I no longer used for daily commute or face to face meetings. I decided to spend my time in the kitchen as this is one of my passions to create new dishes and new ways of cooking.  You do too, or you would not be reading my cookbook blog.

Tater Salad Dressing


Completely packed with flavor and a little heat, TALLBlonde not only uses this for potato salad but it makes a tasty tuna sandwich. It has also become my favorite tartar sauce for deep fried fish, just add 2 tsp. dried tarragon.  I suggest emptying a full jar of mayonnaise and refilling the jar with this great creamy creation, double the recipe.

One cup of this dressing is perfect for 1 large potato or 2 medium potatoes.  Peel potato, cut into one-inch dice and boil in salted water until soft in the center but before it falls apart in the boiling water.  Drain and mix in dressing while potatoes are warm so dressing soaks in.

Pizza Crust & A Dash More


Celebrity Chef Bobby Flay has posted his simple and perfect pizza crust recipe. Admittedly I can never resist a tweak so I always add A Dash More.

Using bread flour instead of all-purpose flour will give you a crispy crust and wonderfully filled with air bubbles and has a light chew without being gummy.  I added a link to my NoMato Red Sauce for those who are nightshade-intolerant (potato, tomato, eggplant, peppers, chilies) and craving a pizza but cannot abide the inflammation and indigestion.  NoMato Sauce is perfect for pizza or casseroles such as lasagne, although not recommended for a plate of standalone pasta as it does not adhere well. Happily, you cannot detect the lack of tomatoes.
Makes 2 10-inch pizza crusts.

Rice Paper Bacon


As anyone can see by my recipe collection I am neither vegetarian nor vegan but I do enjoy experimenting outside my culinary comfort zone. I like bacon and while I do not slather it on everything and for some the occasional Bloody Mary cocktail it is a great addition to many dishes, especially sandwiches. TALLBlonde's favorite food group!

Toasted Butter Pecan Ice Cream


Have a little patience with this recipe, it is a 3-parter. The flavor you will create is worth all the extra time you will give it.  Ice cream is not meant to be made spontaneously. You can thank me later by whispering to yourself, "Oh, this is so good", with each spoonful.

This toasted butter pecan ice cream is so rich you will not be filling a soup bowl of the stuff after dinner.  Recipe makes 1 luxurious pint.  Double the recipe if you are feeding an army or small party.

Nomato Sauce


Okay America, I am just going to say it, this Nightshade-Free NoMato sauce is "effing" amazing.

I must admit, I could not believe that a rich and flavorful Marinara Sauce could be made without tomatoes. I am cooking for a family member that can no longer eat nightshade veggies (tomato, potato, eggplant, all peppers).  The inflammation from the naturally occurring enzymes create great havoc with their immune system.  If you suffer from arthritis, you may want to try eliminating nightshades for a few weeks and see how your joints feel with less inflammation and pain. I have reviewed numerous recipes and have developed this recipe that is 95% the closest to the real thing, a classic Marinara sauce without tomatoes. It can be done.

Some recipes require an expensive InstaPot, which I do not own, nor do I want to dish out for one.  TallBlonde's recipe requires only a crockpot and a classic blender. And may I say this is healthier than the stuff you purchase in a glass jar at your local grocer. I highly recommend sharing this with your friends that are suffering the ravages of nightshade terror.
They can eat pasta and pizza again, that alone make this worth it even if you are not nightshade intolerant because it is fresher!

San Mateo Tacos


I love it when a plan comes together, first time's a charm. These beef tacos with sautéed onions turned out so scrummy that I had to jump on my laptop and share the recipe.  Even if it is only to memorialize the details of the recipe for my own use and not rely on a flawed memory. I was also looking for an alternative taco recipe that is nightshade-free.

Admittedly I was nervous about some of the flavor combinations. This uses sweetened grilled onions and with a very beefy flavored cut of meat my fingers were crossed tight to the point of white knuckles that I made the right choices.  Turns out the luscious onions brought out the best in a rich beefy cut of meat.

Tacos are not a precise dish and approximate measurements will be shown here. I will say the more added flavor enhancing items listed in the recipe, the better the outcome.  So if I say oregano, add OREGANO!   You know how to cook, you can get this right.

Kofta & Salad - ISRAEL

Third in a three part series centering on typical food served in Israel. Everyone loves Kebabs (Kofta)  and here is TALL Blonde's version. I have previously tried recipes and felt the flavor components needed to be ramped up. That is my first contribution, the second contribution to this recipe is the option to consider using ground lamb instead of ground beef, some optional flavor suggestions and the elimination of the skewer so anyone can make these without the requirement of a grill. These patties make terrific sliders smothered with a little plain yogurt and diced green onions or spicy green harissa (recipe link below)

If you wish to try your hand at preparing a complete meal, check on my other recipes titled "Isreal Step One" and "Israel Step Two" for complimentary side dishes: Pita Bread, Tabbouleh, and Green Harissa.  I have included a recipe for refreshing Israeli Salad below.

Breakfast Yummy


Simple to throw together. I like to eat this for breakfast warm.

Cornbread, ready-made
Grated Parmesan cheese
Sour cream
Toasted sliced almonds

Tabbouleh - ISRAEL

Three part recipe series on dishes found in Israel.  There are more self described vegetarians and vegans in this country than any other single country in the world, true fact.

This recipe is a classic Tabbouleh traditionally made with cracked bulgar wheat.  I make this recipe with Quinoa as a gluten free option.

Pita & Harissa - ISRAEL


TALLBlonde's newest food obsession is Israeli food, first in a three part series. Not that there is an actual cuisine of Israel.  It is an amalgam of local bordering nations and diverse ancient cultures on the same land.  Also did you know that the people of Israel have the highest rate of vegetarian and vegan diet in the world?

Thank you "196Flavors" and "Epicurious" for these two recipes.

Smoked Salmon Chowder


It has been said a thousand times that soup is like a warm hug, but it's true.  When you find a terrific soup that is layered in flavor, richness to the tongue and a little spike of heat to push away the chill it is like wearing cashmere underwear in a feather bed with flannel sheets and the electric blanket has been turned to high for an hour.

This is the soup for that warm and cozy, loungy day experience. TALLBlonde took a basic Potato Leek Soup Recipe and made it much more special. It is so superb I would serve this to guests as a first course.

Crunchy Chewy Granola


Granola is a very personal thing. Everyone has their personal idea of the "perfect" granola mix. This recipe is super easy. There is a basic process to follow and flavor balance is up to you. Below is the basic oats preparation, dried fruits, nuts are added after baking to prevent burning in the oven.

Mango Chutney

Truth be told I developed this recipe to reverse engineer my most favorite brand of prepared Mango Chutney and very difficult to source.  This recipe is an amalgam of different flavor profiles to make the best Mango Chutney to throw into any dish at the last moment without much additional preparation.  This is terrific on any pan seared or poached white fish,or as a glaze on roasted lamb or your favorite pork ribs.  Even drizzled on a basic cheese pizza can bring sheer joy and delight to your taste buds with this sweet and acidic exotic elixir. I am truly proud to bring you this TALLBlonde Mango Chutney recipe.  Get a clean quart-sized jar ready as you will only need to make this recipe once a year. While this may seem laborious on its surface I would like to think it is so good you will make an effort to make it twice a year to replenish your well used and well enjoyed supply. When you consider $8 for an 8 oz. jar this is soooo worth making!

Hawaii's Dole Whip


If you have ever visited the Hawaiian Islands, you know about Dole Whip.  This is the smoothest, creamiest refreshingly ice coldest cup of nirvana you have ever tasted.  Disney (who owns the Dole company) has released the recipe for you to now make it at home.
After a few attempts of my own I have tweaked the recipe to make it my own.

Champagne Parmesan Leek Pasta

This pasta dish is easy to prepare, cheap on the budget and packed with rich flavor of parmesan and luxurious butter sautéed leeks.  TALL Blonde used leftover Champagne from New Year's Eve for an extra boost of flavor.

Sweet Hot Mango Prawns

Here is another TALLBlonde 'Shelter-In-Place Food' recipe that I likely would not have tried without being shackled to the homestead.  Adapted from Jaime Oliver 5 Ingredients - Quick and Easy Sticky Mango Prawns.  That guy is a genius!

Raspberry Almond Crunch


This is a four layer cookie that is rich, creamy and luxurious. It is more high end pastry where only a small sliver will leave you totally satisfied. Clearly I have been binge watching "British Baking Show" and was inspired to create this recipe.  I will not write a step-by-step recipe or this would be a mile long tome on cookie baking so this is for the advanced baker.  The ingredients and measurements are listed with minimal instruction as needed for clarification. There is nothing difficult if you take each of the four steps as one process. It would be wise to ensure you have all ingredients and lay them out mis en place.  This is a wonderful December holiday cookie recipe as the almond flavor of the marzipan is reminiscent of German Stollen. So lets get started.

Gin Tonic Cake


This Gin & Tonic cake is very easy and wonderfully refreshing when served chilled just like your favorite classic libation.  In this recipe you may use a box cake mix. (I said it would be easy)

Potato Leek Warmth


Last week I ordered 1 potato and was delivered a 5-pound bag.  There is only so much mashed potatoes anyone can eat so I had to create a new potato-centric recipe. .A time honored classic for any cold weather day, Potato Leek Soup.

Shrimp Mushroom Rice - VIDEO


My mother used to ask if I was partly Chinese because I love eating rice so much.  I would flood my white rice with melted butter, hollow out a sourdough dinner roll and fill it with rice while at the dinner table.

In a two and a half minute video I can show you how to make this delicious and healthy rice dish. It is a meal, not just a side dish.  Remember health has the word "heal" and this dish will heal you craving for something satisfying.

Kitchen Sink Cookies


TALL Blonde has been baking in my head the ultimate, unctuous, throw everything to the wall cookie for a couple years.  Have you ever eaten a cookie and thought, this would be better if you added (fill in the blank). I tried to assemble all those "ifs" right here.  I purposely developed this cookie recipe for a small commitment of ingredients and time. Sometimes I get in the mood for a home baked cookie to fill the kitchen with that wonderfully sweet smell but you may be low on ingredients, or for me I would rather not take time to bake several episodes of cookie trays in succession.  One and done is sometimes a very good thing.

The butter used in this recipe is unsalted, but if you like that salt and sweet combination go for the salted butter version.  You may substitute dark brown sugar over light brown sugar but I think the flavor may be a bit too heavy. Always, always pre-toast nuts before using in any recipe, and that include this one.  Be careful not to burn them.