Numero Uno Spiral Ham


Spiral Ham Tall Blonde Cookbook Recipe
                                           Before Roasting      -        After Roasting

Dammit, I forgot to take a glamor-shot of the whole roasted ham as it exited the oven.  It was  lightly charred, juicy, sweet, fragrant, holiday spicy, smoky and tender. Take a spiral sliced ham, or with a steady hand and a very sharp knife do it yourself, then make a flavorful and aromatic paste. Perfect for next morning breakfast, added to soup or if you lack culinary imagination...a really tasty sammy and that it okay too!

    Sweet-Hot mustard
    Dark brown sugar
    Smoked sea salt
    Black pepper
    Pumpkin pie spice blend
    Liquid Smoke

Keep paste dry and thick. As ham heats up in your oven the paste will slide off if too wet so do not be tempted to add oil and/or butter, or even a touch of vinegar for that matter.  Which reminds me, I should pick up some powdered vinegar....

Randomly but evenly, lift up the spiral slices and place a nugget of brown sugar paste. Roast in the usual manner, you may need a foil tent if ham is browning too quickly.

I served this Christmas Eve and it is now my Noel Numero Uno along with a trayful of toasty brown herb roasted potatoes.  Cheers!