Jalapeno Powder


Jalapeno Powder Tall Blonde Cookbook Recipe

Jalapeno Powder. I struggled on how to make this post interesting, what image to use, what description to offer but very simply put I now tell all my friends, "Don't buy grocery store spices anymore".  The best part of this statement is that you can create your own flavor bombs with ingredients you cannot find in a prepackaged spice jar, and the flavors are more intense and fresh tasting. I don't recommend parsley, it must always be used fresh.
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While most of us were stuck at home last year I found new ways to amuse myself  and spend my free time that I no longer used for daily commute or face to face meetings. I decided to spend my time in the kitchen as this is one of my passions to create new dishes and new ways of cooking.  You do too, or you would not be reading my cookbook blog.

The simple process needs no special instructions-
    1. Wash it
    2. Slice it thin for even drying and ease of grinding
    3. Use low heat. I use the 1928 radiator in my apartment, or a 250-degree oven
    4. Invest in a $20 grinder and pulverize
    5. Save small glass jars for storage

The fun part of this process is you can certainly dry the usual suspects: oregano, thyme, dill. Instead branch out from my example here with various chilis where you can control the heat with how many seeds you include or my current favorite, CELERY.  How often does a recipe require 1 or 2 ribs of celery and you have to purchase an entire bunch and the green color is beautiful.  How about horseradish root, or your custom spice blends?  Now imagine how you can quickly amp up a simple sandwich or salad with your new found custom spices. Walk your produce department and experiment.