Ginger Orange Glaze - Salmon - Duck - Veggies

I created this recipe out of boredom. We eat sautéed salmon in our household about once a week and on one particular evening I was in the mood for a sweet and tangy flavor profile to glaze the weeknight dinner doldrums.

After sautéing the salmon I removed it from the pan and poured into the remaining fish juices ingredients readily available in my pantry creating this spicy orange sesame glaze and then sliding the cooked salmon in the thickened glaze. It was truly a spectacular flavor. This is restaurant quality flavor at its finest.

8 oz. orange juice
3 Tbl. soy sauce
2 Tbl. cranberries, approx. 20 berries
2 garlic cloves, sliced
2 tea. apple cider vinegar
1 tea. sweet hot mustard
1 tea. sesame oil
1 tea. hot chili sesame oil
1 tea. honey
1 tea. sugar
1/4 tea. salt
2 fresh orange peels
1/4 tea. black pepper
2 whole cloves

1/4 tea. fresh grated ginger added after cooking
3 Tbl. orange juice
coarsely chopped peanuts

In a shallow non-stick skillet, combine all ingredients and cook on medium-low heat swirling frequently until reduced by 2/3 and it creates a thick pourable sauce. Approximately 15 minutes.  Stir in fresh ginger and orange juice after cooking, sprinkle with peanuts.
Remove orange peels and cloves before serving.

Double up on this recipe and store in a refrigerated sealed container to use as need for up to one month. To loosen consistency, add small amounts of orange juice to desired thickness.

I now use this glaze as a finishing sauce with quartered and roasted brussel sprouts.
Also perfect served over cooked sliced duck breast or ham steak.

NOTE: Cranberries are a great source as a thickener with their natural pectin.