Salsa Noodles

Perfect for a meal on a hot day, and you may already have the recipe.
I was inspired, (more curious really) to take a mango-corn salsa recipe among my growing collection of favorites and decided to mix it into cold Asian noodles for a refreshing pasta salad and it worked. My noodles were sweet, sour, crunchy and spicy, a  wonderful combination.  Here is the ingredient list in case you don't already have a recipe of your own.

Mango, peeled/diced fresh
Corn kernels, fresh
Jalapeno, 1 small finely diced (seeds removed)
Cilantro, fresh chopped
Mint leaves, fresh copped
Green onions, diced
Lime juice, 5 or 6 fresh squeezed
Honey drizzled
Red Chili Paste, approx. 2 Tbls.
Black pepper, fresh cracked
Salt, pinch

Diced red onions
Almonds, sliced and lightly toasted
Cherries, dried
Peaches, fresh diced

Cook your favorite unflavored Asian-style noodles in boiling salted water until tender, drain and chill.  Be sure to make your salsa extra "juicy" so there is enough liquid to coat noodles evenly. Stir in all ingredients above to the pasta.  Make this ahead of time so the flavors absorb into the noddles.  Serve cold and this will be your new favorite pasta salad.

Use rice noodles for a Gluten Free dish.