Meatballs a la TLLBLND

I have made these little beef and pork gems at gome successfully for many years without giving them much thought.  Mainly because they are simple to make, require few ingredients and do not contain garlic or onions to disturb your "inner" happiness. Some of you gentle folk know what I am talking about (wink wink). My Brother-in-law shared with me that he wanted to begin cooking with his 7 year old son Nick as a new activity they can share together and eat more healthy. After a recent family lunch where I served these tasty spherical delights he asked for my recipe. So here it is for you to try and have the freedom to make changes and additions to create your own family recipe.

Makes 24 meatballs-1 1/2 wide, or slightly larger golf ball.

1 lb. lean ground beef , 93% lean
1 lb. pork
3 slices bread, shredded by hand
1 cup milk
1 heaping Tbl. Italian herbs
1/2 tea. salt
1/2 tea. black pepper
28 oz. jar red pasta sauce
Parmesan cheese, freshly grated
Fresh sweet basil leaves