Caviar & Champagne Eggs

TALL Blonde calls these caviar and champagne eggs because it pairs beautifully with Champagne for brunch.

Puff Pastry
Lemon Zest
Creme Fraiche

Depending on your kitchen skills this may or may not be a challenging recipe.  It uses puff pastry shells that may be purchased under the Pepperidge Farms brand in the grocery freezer section, but becoming more and more difficult to locate. Bake as directed. This is the easiest method. Second to this is to purchase puff pastry "sheets" and cut into squares and bake in cupcake baking molds or small ramekins to create the shell or cup shape.  Be sure to use some pie weights or dried beans to keep the base of the cup from inflating during baking.  If you are really a great cook, make your own puff pastry.  TALLBlonde has a recipe for that too.

After you have baked your shells make a pan of extra rich and creamy scrambled eggs using fresh butter, heavy cream and a pinch or fresh lemon zest.  Cook on low heat to maintain a creamy consistency and not create hard curds.

Place two baked puff pastry cups on a salad or dessert sized plate, spoon scrambled eggs into each cup, splash with creme fraiche and a healthy dose of caviar to top.

NOTE:  TALLBlonde uses regular grocery store caviar for this recipe.