1 Minute Cake

1-minute cake for one.
Use regular boxed cake mix of your favorite flavor and a little water. Mix in a microwavable 16 oz. mug or small ramekin and microwave on HIGH for one minute.

3 Tbls. boxed cake mix
2 Tbls. water*

Mix in a microwavable mug or small ramekin, microwave on HIGH for 1 minute.  Drop a scoop of ice cream over the top after baking and enjoy it melting over the warm cake.

This recipe was adapted to make a small cake with allowance to add ice cream to melt over the warm cake and still room for whipped cream.  To make a cake for one and fill the mug use:

4 Tbls. boxed cake mix
3 Tbls. water*
*Use milk instead of water for extra richness.

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