Cheese Treat

We used to call these "Cheese Treats" from a Mexican restaurant located in downtown San Jose next to Woolworth's on 2nd Street. Two flour tortillas with tomato salsa and a gooey melty cheese fried on a hot cooktop. Pictured with buffalo chicken added.

Crispy, Toasty, Chewy, Hot, Spicy, Melty, MM-mm Goodness.

Let me keep this simple:

2-flour tortillas
Tomato salsa, heat preference your choice
Melty cheese of any kind
Olive oil for pan fry

Two tablespoons olive oil on a non-stick skillet, lay down one flour tortilla while you assemble.  Spoon tomato salsa to the edge, evenly distributed but not to much. You don't want it soggy.  Add cheese, place second tortilla on top and cook on medium heat 2-3 minutes until tortilla is lightly browned and crispy.

Flip over and finish cooking second side until equally toasty.
Easy to cut in manageable using a pizza wheel.

Buffalo chicken

Black Olives
Jalapeno slices
Red chili flakes
Pickled black figs*
Hard boiled egg slices

*Pickled Black Figs
Dried black figs, sliced in half
Balsamic vinegar
Pinch of salt
Refrigerate in clean non-metallic container for 2 weeks