TALL Blonde Cobb

TALL Blonde makes this dinner-sized salad when she is feeling REALLY hungry.  It takes a little time to prep each component but invite the neighborhood and make a big batch!

Arugula salad
olive oil
Chipotle ranch salad dressing
Buffalo chicken, boneless
Ripe Strawberries, fresh and quartered
#TLLBLND Brussel sprouts <<recipe link click here>>
Almond slices, toasted
Marinated black figs

1. Prepare brussel sprouts
2. Use dried black figs and make a slurry of balsamic vinegar, honey, black pepper
3. Purchase buffalo chicken and deep fry to make the outside crunchy crispy, slice into bite-sized chunks.
4. Toast sliced almonds in the oven or stove top in a dry pan.  If you don't toast them, don't bother adding them to the salad. They will taste like cardboard.
5. Purchase good quality Ranch salad dressing. Place it in your blender and add one chipotle jalapeno.

Dress the arugula in olive oil to moisten. Drizzle ranch/chipotle dressing. Place Brussel sprouts over 1/3 of the arugula. Continue with placing fresh quartered ripe strawberries over the second third and buffalo chicken over the last third.  Scatter marinated figs in the center and sprinkle sliced toasted almonds over the entire salad. Enjoy!